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Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Support, Training & Maintenance Policy

Last Updated: 18 October 2013
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Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Support, Training & Maintennce PoliciesSince our inception in August, 2000, we have worked with thousands of customers, each with their own preferred method of learning.

Because of this type of experience, we have literally spent thousands of hours compiling various typess of "Help" documents and training materials to meet the needs of our customers; ranging from printed manuals, in-program Help, Flash demonstrations, .PDF demonstrations, Audio/Video Training, and even articles that address high-end QuickBooks tips and techniques; which are published on our companion websites - the QuickBooks for Contractors blog and Learn to use QuickBooks in your construction business.

Each year, we spend thousands of hours:

  • testing new versions of QuickBooks
  • making any necessary program changes to accomodate the new version of QuickBooks
  • testing new versions of Microsoft Office and/or Windows operating systems and making any necessary program changes
  • checking to make sure that we have the most current version of each State specific certified payroll report - updating and/or adding new forms as they are released and making any necesssary coding changes to accomodate them
  • adding new features and functionality

We have found that the customers who take advantage of these FREE training mechanisms are much happier with their software; they end up really "knowing" how the program works by exploring all of the things that it can do; as they actually get to see the programs in action while the setup procedures are explained and demonstrated.  These same customers have felt like they have had personal one-on-one training through the use of these videos, and that the videos were actually much more helpful than speaking with a Sunburst Support rep - due to the fact, that they could really see the steps involved.

Those customers who do not avail themselves of any of the training materials are often dissatisfied and frustrated because they do not understand how the program works - they only know what they have been "told" to do when they call for assistance on a specific matter.  This is a very unsatisfactory feeling for both the user, and our support staff.

Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. defines Technical Support as "Knowledgeable people assisting the users of our software products". Our software programs have been designed to be very user friendly and straightforward - requiring that you only enter information that QuickBooks is incapable of holding, and "teaching" the program about your company, and how you operate.  Therefore, our technical support services have been designed to help you solve aa specific problem that you are having with a product - rather than providing training, customization, or other training services (such as; QuickBooks training, training new employees, or what is really considered to be IT Services/Computer Consulting) - so, the word "assisting" in this definition is extremely important.

  • If you call us and we have to "teach" you to use our software, "walk you" through setup, which has been documented in the "Training Demonstrations" or found in the manual/in-program Help, train new employees that you hire, or provide QuickBooks training - that is, indeed, considered training - and is billable to you.  (See Paid Training)
  • If you call us and we help you with an error code or problem you have with our software, answer a specific question that you have about setup, or listen to your feedback about our software - that is considered "technical support".

Our Support Policy does include provisions for Free Support, Free Training, Paid Training, and Program Maintenance.

Our staff leverages 70+ years of QuickBooks, bookkeeping, accounting, software development, and construction experience.

Free Support

The most important step that you would undertake to understand about getting help from technical support people, is the amount of detail that you will need to supply to them.  Whenever you get an error message, be sure to "write down "EXACTLY" what it says".  Better yet, use ALT-> Print Screen to copy a screen to an invisible clip board, and then use Paste (CTRL->V) to paste the screen into a Word document or email.

"It doesn't work", or "It isn't right", will generally not get your problem solved quickly and efficiently.

  • Initial Support:  We offer limited free technical support covering installation, set-up, integrations, and implementation of the software with QuickBooks, valid for 30 days from the date of purchase OR trial request - these items are covered in detail through Audio/Video Training; however, we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  For Certified Payroll Solution, we offer 15 minutes of free initial support.  For Construction Application for Payment Solution, we offer 15 minutes of free initial support.  If you purchase both programs together as a package, we offer 30 minutes of free initial support.  Prior to contacting Support, and in order for our support team to better serve you, as well as, help you to better understand resolutions that might result from this contact, we strongly urge you to take the time to go through the FREE Training Video(S) provided on your installation CD or online.  Our Support Team has worked very hard to ensure that these training videos will cover most, if not all, of your questions.  QuickBooks related setup and training is not covered in our intial support policy and you will be required to purchase a paid training contract for those services.
  • Free Year of Product Updates/Enhancements:  Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. will gladly maintain your existing product under the following conditions.  For the first year of use, you will receive free updates to your product, including but not limited to:  Changes to reporting/billing formats, compatibility updates for the newest version of QuickBooks, and any product enhancements that may result during this time.  You receive these updates by accessing our Web Service Center through the doorway in your program, and NOT through our normal website.  Your KEY is in the Help menu-> Check for Updates.  After the first year of ownership, product updates and enhancements are covered through a reasonable Annual Maintenance fee.
  • Errors & Bugs:  It is through our customer relations that the products evolve with enhancements and upgrades.  Know errors are documented in the On-Line Technical Support Area; and those that are not, do have a solution.  We will find that solution for you!  Support applies to the first year of ownership for the product(s) you have purchased, and continues by an Annual Maintenance Agreement for any year, thereafter.

Free Training

We realize how important it is for you to "understand" and "see" how your new software program works, not only how it integrates with QuickBooks, but exactly what it does and how it does it.  Because of this, we provide a wealth of "Free Support, Training, and Resource Materials", not only in our manuals and In-Program Help, but also in our Online Support, Training, & Resource Area!.  We realize that each of our customers have their own way in which they like to learn new things, and we have done our best to accommodate, each and everyone.

  • On-Line Training, Support, & Resource Area:  Our Online Support, Training, & Resource Area is designed for user self-help, and contains common problems, common error messages, troubleshooting resources, articles containing advanced QuickBooks techniques from our newsletters, basic QuickBooks training articles, etc.  Our support staff has worked very hard to provide you with the most up-to-date information available on common problems and error messages.  The Training, Support, & Resource Area is fully searchable using keywords, such as, an error code or message.
  • Self-Paced Flash and/or .PDF Training Demonstrations:  Flash and/or .PDF Training demonstrations are provided on your installation CD or On-Line.  These training demonstrations show exactly HOW Certified Payroll Solution (CPS), Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS), Crew/Overtime Entry Solution (COES), and Wage Manager Solution (WMS) will interface and utilize, your existing QuickBooks data.  These demonstrations take you on a guided setup tour and provide an overview of how it all works, and will take approximately 45 minutes of your time.  Additionally, Certified Payroll Solution also includes a detailed Flash training presentation on how to utilize the Design Your Own Benefit Report module.  The specifics of this training walks you through Step-by-Step, the entire process of creating your own Benefit Reports - from design to printing.  
  • Audio/Video Training (uses Windows Media Player or Adobe Flash):  Customers who have taken advantage of the Audio/Video Training are much more confident in the overall use of the software, and feel like they have had a one-on-one session with our support staff.
  • Whitepaper/Technical Documentation:  Available to download as a .PDF from our Technical Support Area.  The whitepaper, combined with the Training demonstrations, will provide you with a very thorough overview of the setup and use of Certified Payroll Solution and/or Construction Application for Payment Solution.
  • QuickStart Guide:  Each manual provides a QuickStart Guide that provides you with the specifics of the setup required in QuickBooks, as well as, our programs.  Each item on the QuickStart Guide refers you to a specific page in the provided manual for all the details.
  • Comprehensive Manuals:  We have made every effort possible to provide a comprehensive manual detailing setup, common problems, error messages, as well as, QuickBooks Tips & Tricks to help you utilize your accounting software to its fullest capacity.  These tips are provided as a "Free Added Bonus", are specific to the commercial construction industry, and are not available in other QuickBooks training manuals.
  • In-Program Help:  In-Program Help is easlily accessed from each "window or screen", by clicking on the big question mark in the lower right corner of each window - the Help topic, which is displayed, is specific to the window that you accessed it from.
  • Free QuickBooks Training:  There are very few resources for contractors on "How to use QuickBooks in the commercial construction industry".  We offer such resources on our companion site, Learn to use QuickBooks in your construction business,  this is the ONLY QuickBooks training that we offer free of charge.
  • QuickBooks for Contractors blog - offers free QuickBooks training articles, construction industry news, and information about new features (or versions) of QuickBooks.

Once you have applied all of the FREE information available for your review in the Training Videos and our Support Area, your basic training Questions and clarifications, will be handled by phone, email, or fax.

Paid Training

It is understood that not all questions/problems can be addressed through free training avenues.  Therefore, additional training options are available through the purchase of Paid Training/Support Plans, found on our Order Page.

If you HATE reading manuals, feel that Audio/Video and Flash/.PDF Demonstrations are not enough, are feeling totally overwhelmed by the software, or just don't want to "bother" with free training mechanisms, and want "personal training" - then interactive installation, setup, and training is probably for you.

Interactive plans, using a combination of teleconferencing and internet desktop sharing is available, however, it is not included in your initial purchase price and is considered billable (see below for pricing plans).  Contact us to schedule an interactive training session - 24 hour advance notice is required.

  • 1 hour training contract - good for 1 year $125.00
  • 2 hour training contract - good for 1 year $225.00
  • 4 hour training contract - good for 1 year $400.00

NOTE:  Training Plans may be purchased directly from our Order Page, either when you initially purchase your software (you'll receive a 10% discount) or at a later date.  Additionally, you may purchase a training contract for QuickBooks related setup and training.


Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. feels strongly about maintaining your original program - it it easier for us and more affordable for you.  Therefore, maintenance will be billed annually, at the beginning of the month of your original purchase, and will be effective for an entire year.  Maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Compatibility updates for use with new versions of QuickBooks.
  • Changes to reporting/billing formats, including the addition of new forms.
  • Changes to reporting/billing mandates.
  • Product enhancements/new features based on customer feedback.

Product updates are available from our Web Service Center, which can ONLY be accessed from within the program, by going to the Help menu, and choosing Check for Updates.

Maintenance pricing is as follows:

  • Certified Payroll Solution Maintenance - $100.00 per year and includes the above, plus 1 free support call.
  • Construction Application for Payment Solution - $75.00 per year and includess the above, plus 1 free support call.
  • Crew/Overtime Entry Solution - $100.00 per year and includes the above, plus 1 free support call.

Maintenance Invoices which remain unpaid after 45 days, indicate that service and/or updates are no longer desired, and your access to the Web Service Center will be discontinued.  Delinquent accounts are subject to a $25.00 reactivation fee, PLUS any past due maintenance fees, to bring your account with us current.

NOTE:  The price of Annual Maintenance is subject to change.