Important Announcements:


The U.S. Department of Labor issues NEW WH-347 - expiring on 4/30/21.  Read more here including instructions for updating your software.
  • 4/2/18 U.S. Department of Labor has issued a 2nd TEMPORARY WH-347 form - this one has an expiration date of 4/30/18.  We have updated CPS to include the temporary form.  Please update your software by following the instructions found here.
  • 2/28/18 The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a TEMPORARY WH-347 form, we have updated CPS to include the temporary form.  For more information, click here.
  • Compatibility for QuickBooks 2018 is available, read more here.
  • Windows 10 Creator Update causes issues with Crew Overtime and the Contractor Qualification Statement, please read -Windows 10 Creator update, Crew Overtime, & Contractor Qualification Statement
  • Windows 10/Office 2016 Update causes printing issues - for more information and several resolutions, please read - Windows 10/Office Printing Issue
  • QuickBooks 2017 compatibility announcedQuickBooks Desktop 2017 Compatibility.
  • Compatible with the PRISM Compliance Management electronic upload currently being required for City of San Diego, CA prevailing wage projects.
  • Compatibility with the California eCPR system has been available and working since 6/10/2015.  For more information on California eCPR (Electronic Certified Payroll) for QuickBooks.  There were no required changes to our interface for the latest DIR updates.


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Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Privacy Policy

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Your information is safe with us - this is our Privacy Policy

Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Privacy PolicyYour privacy is important to us.  It is our policy to give you notice of the information our office collects on this website and notice of what we do with the information.  It is our goal to protect your privacy to every extent possible under the law, and we will modify this Privacy Policy, whenever necessary, to reflect changes to this website, or changes in our information collection practices.  This policy applies only to our website, and not to any sites which may be linked to, from this site.


Information We Collect and Store Automatically.

When you visit this website, we collect and store anonymous information about your visit.  This information, which your computer automatically supplies to every website you visit, includes your computer's Internet Protocol (IP) address, the name of the domain from which you gain access to the internet (, if you are using an AOL account, or, if you are using a Massachusetts Institute of Technology account), the website from which you gained access to our website (,), and the browsing software that you are using (Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).

We create summary reports using this anonymous information to count how many people visit our website, and to access what information is most interesting to our visitors.  We may store all of the information we collect indefinitely.  We do not try to match any personal identifiable information (from email correspondence, for instance) with any of the anonymous information.  The only time that we will attempt to trace the anonymous information to a specific individual, is when there are reasonable grounds to believe that doing so would provide information that is relevant and material to an ongoing criminal investigation and requested by law enforcement.


Our website uses cookies only to track the movements of visitors among the pages of our website.

Information collected from emails:

We do not sell, rent, or divulge names, addresses, or other personally identifying information for commercial purposes, or for any other reason.


About What Information We Collect From You and How We Disseminate that information.

We do not sell, rent, lease, or give out names, addresses, or other personally identifying information for commercial purposes, or for any other reason.

The only personally identifying information about you that we collect through this website, is information that you choose to submit to us.  You havae complete control then over the personally identifying information we collect from you.

Once you submit the information to us, it will only be used by our company for internal tracking purpsoes and will never be sold, rented, or leased - to any other party.

If you have a concern, for any reason, about any correspondence that you have submitted to us, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We do not currently offer secure or encrypted email, so we encourage you not to send us highly sensitive information by email.  If you need to submit such information to us, please consider contacting us instead, by telephone at (888) 348-2877 or by US Mail at 2378 Dane Hill Road, W. Charleston, VT 05872.

Access to Information We Collect from You:

This website does not collect personally identifying information except what you submit to us for demo requests, purchasing, and in any emails that you send.  We do not match any personally identifying information with any of the anonymous information that we do record.  As a result, we generally cannot identify, and therefore, are not able to provide any information about your visit to our website.


Personally Identifying Information:

Any information that could reasonably be used to identify you personally, including:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Birth Date
  • Bank Account Information
  • Credit Card Information
  • Any combination of information that could be used to identify you; such as; your birth date, your zip code, and your gender.


Small files that websites store on your computer.  A cookie file generally contains an identification number that allows the website to recognize you as you navigate through the site, and also, when you return to the site at a later date.  Cookies allow a website to store your references and to tailor its offerings to you.  Cookies can, also, be used to track your browsing behavior on the web.  You can prevent websites from placing cookies on your computer by using your browser's preference menu, although disabling cookies may affect your ability to view or interact with some websites.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:

We willl post changes to this Privacy Policy at least 30 days before they take effect.  Any information we collect under the current privacy policy will remain subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.  After any changes take effect, all new information we collect, if any, will be subject to the revised Policy.  This policy was created January 1, 2001, revised: N/A as of 02/04/2013.



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