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Construction Application for Payment Solution - Contractor Billing for QuickBooks References

Last Updated: 20 February 2024
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Construction Application for Payment Solution - Percentage of Completion Contract Billing Software for QuickBooks - Case Studies, References, User Comments & Reviews

Simple and flexible enough to fit our company structure while maintaining a high degree of accountability.Yes, these comments & reviews are old - some of our customers have been using the software for 20 years - as you read through the following Case Studies, References, User Comments & Reviews, you will notice that it is not unusual to find that people have been using Construction Application for Payment Solution for several years, that alone is a testament to the fact that the product works as advertised.  Please feel free to contact anyone listed here for a more "personal" reference if you wish.

(NOTE:  AIA, AIA Contract Document, G701, G701/CMa, G702, G702/CMa, G703, G704, G706, G706A, G707, G707A, G805, G732, A305 are trademarks of The American Institute of Architects. The Construction Application for Payment Solution program does not generate any original AIA Original Contract Documents with the red lettering or AIA logo. Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with The American Institute of Architects. The Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc., the Construction Application for Payment Solution program creates substitute plain paper forms or prints your QuickBooks billing information onto pre-printed original AIA Contract Documents that must be purchased by users from the AIA or an authorized distributor of AIA Contract Documents.)

9/16/06 Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS) received an overall score of 8.98 out of 10 in a recent web-based customer satisfaction survey, sponsored by Intuit and conducted/administered by an independent third party.  The survey consisted of 32 questions about Construction Application for Payment Solution's functionality, ease of use, technical service, and overall user experience.  For more information visit the Apps for QuickBooks Desktop Marketplace.

AIA Billing for QuickBooks Case Studies, Articles, BrochureConstruction Application for Payment Solution - Contractor Billing for QuickBooks Case Studies, Articles and Brochure 


{8/20/08} I just want to take a second and thank you for providing a solution that was simple and flexible enough to fit our company structure while maintaining a high degree of accountability.  Our group is compromised of the Owner, Developer, Operations Manager, and Construction Manager, all in one house.  We have used the CAPS system, in conjunction with QuickBooks, to accurately and efficiently manage all financial data for a fifty-two million dollar project, The Lodge at Otter Creek, of which forty million has been completed.  Over the past two years, Sunburst's solution has been bombproof.  With the help of Sunburst support, we have been able to sort data, in QuickBooks, in numerous views that would have taken weeks to do in Excel.  We highly recommend Sunburst Solutions based on our experience, both in product functionality and their comprehensive customer support.

Andrew Thomas, Project Manager
Bullrock Corporation, Shelburne, VT
CAPS User since September 2006

{10/06/03} Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating programs like Certified Payroll Solution and Construction Application for Payment Solution.  We have been able to greatly increase our customer base since we now have the resources, to quickly and accurately, complete tasks that were so time consuming in the past.

Your customer support has been invaluable, as well.  We know it is usually something that we have done when things don't run as expected, and thankfully, you have always been able to guide us quickly back into smooth running.

Keep up the good work.  We always look forward to the next upgrade, as we know you are always thinking of ways to make great programs even better.

Sincerely Yours,
Carlos Martins, President
All Phase Environmental, Inc., Boca Raton, FL
CAPS & CPS User October 2002 to December 2007
Came back in June 2010

These reviews are from the QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace.

Note:  The QuickBooks Solutions Marketplace was "upgraded" to the new Apps for QuickBooks Desktop Marketplace.  When this upgrade went live older reviews like the ones below did not transfer over into the new Marketplace.  

4 stars Awesome SupportAwesome Support!  On the Spot Programming Changes

{03/12/2009} On two occasions over the last twelve months, I needed critical programming modifications to my AIA® G702 & G703 output.  I was given immediate access to the programmer who worked with me until the matter was resolved.  I don't know any place else where you can get support like that.... Permanent and professional looking enhancements were made to the program which I was quickly and easily able to down load (5 minutes) and start using.  These guys are great!

Blue Frog Construction, LLC Suwanee, GA
CAPS User since June 2006

great product{05/08/2008} Upon review of the software, I found it easy to install.  The direction on how to configure QuickBooks to make connections was easily explained in the guide and had up and working in no time at all.  Great product, would recommend to anyone that has to submit AIA® documentation for billing purposes.


a must for any contractorSunburst Software - CAPS

{01/08/2008} The AIA® software developed by Sunburst Software Solutions is a must for any contractor or subcontractor that uses QuickBooks and has to produce G702 / G703 applications for payment.  What once used to be the arduous task of preparing AIA® payment applications has been simplified to a few clicks of the mouse.  Their customer service and online training videos are first class, and I highly recomment the small investment.

G. Antal

Antal Building Corporation, IN
CAPS User since December 2007

the CAPS system has delivered, as promised. An Excellent Solution

{01/26/06} We work with Owners, Developers, large and small G.C's, all having different versions of their own pay applications.  After months of handwriting and calculating each individual pay app, we looked for a solution that would integrate with QuickBooks, so we could be sure our invoices matched our pay apps.  After looking on the QuickBooks site, I called CAPS and spoke with Nancy about our situation.  She assured me that our transition would be smooth and she would support us, if need be.  Our file is rather large, (approx. 142 meg's) and Nancy walked us through a re-build of our file, and after that, the CAPS system has delivered, as promised.  No more handwritten pay apps, checking and re-checking calculations, problems with carrying over numbers from last months pay app, retention, lien releases and much, much more, CAPS works.  It's as simple as that!

Rollie Fondessy
Pece of Mind Disposal Inc., Orlando, FL
CAPS User August 2005 to January 2008

This program makes a small contractor, like myself, look professinal. Software with Support

{11/30/2005}  If you are doing public work and need to submit Applications for Payment, CAPS by Sunburst is the ticket.  This program works hand in hand with QuickBooks.  You can print right onto a AIA G702® from the program.  Your contract sums, change orders, and retainage, are pulled right from QuickBooks.  The installation and setup of the program was very easy.  The challenge is having your QuickBooks setup correctly.  That is where Sunburst Software support really comes into play.  Sunburst was there to help me make adjustments in QuickBooks, which gives CAPS the information to pull into it, and make the perfect payment application.  This program makes a small contractor, like myself, look professinal.  Big bonus for me is that I have QuickBooks setup even better, thanks to Sunburst Support.

Robert Catanzarro
Catanzarro Electric L.L.C., Harleysville, PA
CAPS & CPS user since May 2005

 a very good productHELPFUL CAPS

Before I found out about CAPS (Construction Application for Payment Solution), I was using the old typing each form system.  A woman from another construction company told me about it, and I actually bought it and started using it, before she did.  I feel that it saves a lot of time.  It is much more user friendly then when I first got it.  The only issue I have with it, is more to do with the way this office is run.  Change orders are sent the same day rather than beforehand, and when a change order is rejected, it's hard to remove it, but I can work around that.  For the most part, I feel that it is a very good product and would recommend it to anyone, although I must admit, I have not tried any other programs. 



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