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Certified Payroll Solution (CPS) - Includes Wage Manager Solution $499.00
Crew Overtime Entry Solution (COES) $499.00
Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS) $499.00
Wage Manager Solution $199.00

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1 hour training contract - good for 1 year $150.00
2 hour training contract - good for 1 year $250.00
4 hour training contract - good for 1 year $500.00
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Orders will be fulfilled by our staff after receipt of payment, during normal business hours. You will receive your license and download information directly from us via email. We must issue your license and enter you into our database before you receive your license. Our normal business hours are: Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM EST.

We no longer ship CDs because they are outdated within months. You can download the current version from our website via your account and get the current version.  Too often folks, have installed a CD that is years old (yes sometimes 8 years) only to find out they need to uninstall and install the current version.  You can save the existing installation/setup program that is downloaded if you like and keep a backup copy.

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