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Construction Application Solution for QuickBooks Demonstration & Sample Forms

Last Updated: 30 April 2024
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Construction Application for Payment Solution -  Percentage of Completion Contract Billing Software for QuickBooks® - Learn how it works and View Sample Forms

Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS) works with QuickBooks to help you automate the time-consuming and error prone task of manually creating Percentage of Completion Contract billings, following guidelines and specifications established by the American Institute of Architects®, by using information that you've already entered into your QuickBooks® company file.

Normally it takes hours each month to complete these billings by hand, through the use of Excel spreadsheets, or with a stand-alone program, where you must constantly update the information.


Curious how CAPS interfaces with QuickBooks to automate complex billing needs?

Watch this 26-minute video, "How Does Construction Application for Payment Solution work?"  

Priced at $499.00 "company license", CAPS can be installed on multiple computers, ensuring seamless accessibility for your team.  See our Order Page.


free 30-day trial available

Experience the benefits of automating your contract billing processes through the use of the CAPS program today.  Request a Free Trial today and unlock a smoother, more streamlines process for your construction billing - with limited additional QuickBooks setup and without a lot of extensive training. 

While CAPS-produced forms are not authentic AIA® Contract Documents, they are designed to streamline your billing processes while following industry standard billing specifications.

Each of the forms shown below can be customized to meet your needs, including:

  • Add your company logo.
  • Adjust titles.
  • Incorporate project-specific details.
  • Printing defaults can be customized to be  "To" Owner, Subcontractor, GC, Project Manager, Contract Manager, Construction Manager, or an entity of your choice.
  • Printing defaults can be customized to be "From"  Contractor, Subcontractor, GC or something of your choice.
  • Printing defaults can be customized to be "With" Engineer, Architect, Project Manager, Contract Manager, Construction Manager, None,  or two other entities of your choice.
  • Options to omit the Distribution, Notary and/or Architect/Engineer signature blocks.
  • Customizable distribution blocks with names of your choice.
  • Billing forms can be opened directly to Excel when printing.

Sample Certificate and Application for Payment Forms

Each Exhibit A-Schedule of Work detail grid can be customized to:

  • Be double-spaced (for easier reading)
  • To display all horizontal lines or borders
  • To have no horizontal lines/borders displayed
  • To display a horizontal line every 3rd detail line
  • To display a horizontal line every 4th detail line

Each of the above Certificate & Application for Payment forms can be combined with any of these Sample Exhibit A-Schedule of Work forms:

OR - Print your QuickBooks Billing information on authentic AIA® Contract Documents including:

  • G702® Contractor Application for Payment and G703 Continuation Sheet.
  • G702® CMa Construction Managers and Advisors edition and G703 Continuation Sheet.
  • G706® Contractor's Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims.
  • G706A® Contractor's Affidavit of Release of Liens.
  • G707® Consent of Surety to Final Payment.
  • G707A® Consent of Surety to Reduction in or Partial Release of Retainage.
  • Includes a robust form alignment feature to assist with printing your QuickBooks billing information on authentic AIA® G702® and G703® Contract Documents.

NOTE:  AIA®, AIA Contract Documents®, G702®, G703®, G706®, and G707™ are copyrights and/or trademarks of The American Institute of Architects®/ACD Operations, LLC. This program does not generate any original AIA Contract Documents®. Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with The American Institute of Architects or ACD Operations, LLC.  Authentic pre-printed AIA Contract Documents® must be purchased by users from AIA® or an authorized distributor of AIA Contract Documents®