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8/18/23 - The software that our website is built on underwent a major upgrade.  As with many upgrades, things break!  We're still working diligently to correct the problems, but this is a HUGE website with almost 23 years of information.  We appreciate your patience.  

Folder QuickBooks Weighted-Average Overtime Support Area

Welcome to the Crew/Overtime Entry Solution Support, Training & Resource Center

Crew/Overtime Entry for QuickBooksWe have dedicated this section to be the gateway to the following FREE QuickBooks Crew/Overtime training, technical support, and resource items.

  • Access to FREE QuickBooks Crew/Overtime Entry Solution training items; including Audio/Video training and written documentation.
  • Additional technical and educational articles; including whitepapers, product brochures and comparison charts.



Folder Crew/Overtime Entry FREE Training

This section contains FREE self-paced Audio/Video training; designed to walk you through the setup and use of Crew/Overtime Entry Solution in conjunction with your QuickBooks data file.

We have found that customers who take advantage of these FREE Training mechanisms are much happier with their software, as they actually get to "see the program in action" while the setup procedures are explained and demonstrated.

These training modules can also be found on our Web Service Center (where you download your software) and are included with CD purchases of the software.

Important Note: Screenshots shown in video will be different from the actual screens you see in the program, however, setup instruction remain the same. Please realize that we spend approximately 300 hours of our time creating these videos that are available here, therefore, it is not an easy task to keep them updated.

Videos are numbered 1-6 and that is the order that you should watch them and implement the program. 

Folder Crew/Overtime Entry Solution Error Messages

Error message can be very frustrating; but error messages should not stop you from using your program - nor should they be ignored! Error messages are indications that 'something' is not accurate and needs to be corrected in order for your final reports to be accurate.

The Overtime Entry Solution Error Messages section deals strictly with errors that you might encounter when installing OES, setting up your weighted-average overtime calculation preferences, running OES, QuickBooks connection errors, and errors when running the program.

The error resolutions found in the section are the same problem solving steps that our support staff will have you perform should you contact us by phone.

Error messages are shown in the order that they would normally occur during installation, setup, and actually running Construction Application for Payment Solution.

How to use this on-line listing of error messages:

  • Determine what step and when you are receiving the error message.
  • Select the appropriate link below - the Item Title describes the step in which you could be receiving the error.
  • Use the Search function and type in a search string.
  • Read all possible error messages and solutions contained within that section.


The error resolutions found in this section are the same problem solving steps that our support staff will have you perform shuld you contact us by phone.

Folder OES Integration Articles

This section contains additional educational articles such as:

  • Integrating Overtime Entry Solution with QuickBooks
  • Overtime Entry Solution Whitepaper
  • Overtime Entry Solution Product Brochure


Folder Additional Resources

The Crew/Overtime Entry Solution Additional Resources section will provide you with easy access to important documentation, that we found while doing our research, on Overtime Laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act, etc.