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Construction Application for Payment Solution for QuickBooks-Product Details

Last Updated: 30 April 2024
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QuickBooks Contractor Billing

Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS) is your go-to tool for seamless AIA®-style billing integration with QuickBooks® desktop, with limited additional QuickBooks setup and without extensive training.

Designed with General Contractors, Subcontractors, Builders, and Developers in mind, this program simplifies the creation of Percentage of Completion contract billings.  Whether it's printing directly to letter or legal-sized paper with customized generic forms  - OR - printing directly onto authentic AIA® G702 and G703 Contract Documents, CAPS eliminates the hassle of manual data entry.

Please note that printing to authentic AIA G702® "Contractor Application for Payment", G703® "Continuation Sheet", G706® "Contractor's Affidavit of Payments of Debts and Claims" or G707® "Consent of Surety to Final Payment"  documents requires the purchase of pre-printed AIA Contract Documents® from AIA or an authorized distributor of AIA Contract Documents®.

While CAPS-produced forms are not authentic AIA® Contract Documents, they are designed to streamline your billing process while following industry standard billing specifications.  Say goodbye to tedious and error-prone manual tasks involving duplicate data entry and embrace automation with CAPS. 

By integrating with QuickBooks, Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS) adds a layer of efficiency to your billing.

While QuickBooks handles the basics like customer and job details, Estimates (Scheduled Values), and Progress Invoices (current Accounts Receivable and Work Completed this period) information.  

Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS) steps in to hold the missing pieces.  From architect, engineer, and surety information to retainage methods and percentage of completion calculations,  CAPS ensures your application for payment process is thorough and matches your QuickBooks Progress Invoice.  Plus, it makes accounting for stored materials a breeze.  Information from both programs is then merged together to generate the final billings and documents-without time-consuming duplicate data entry.

CAPS isn't just a time-saver, it's a game changer. CAPS significantly reduces the amount of time spent on complex billings and other essential contract forms by up to 95%, effectively turning hours of work into minutes.

But that's not all.  CAPS comes packed with a range of practical features to streamline and enhance your billing processes:

  • Add your company logo.
  • Adjust titles.
  • Incorporate project-specific details.
  • Set company "defaults" for retainage and forms to print.
  • Easily change retainage and forms to print on a job-by-job basis.
  • Issue Negative/Credit Certificate and Application for Payment.
  • Create Billing Sheets to simplify next month's billing.
  • Customize line-item subtotals, page totals, running totals, or page breaks for clarity.
  • Easily create Retainage Certificate and Application for Payment requests - throughout the contract, when the contract is complete, or months after the project is completed.
  • Completed billings are automatically saved in Excel for digital storage.
  • Easily print billing to a .pdf to send as a "pencil copy".
  • Choose from 35 generic lien waiver and release forms - customizable to meet your needs.
  • Create company and/or state specific contract form templates with the Contract Forms Manager.

Use letter or legal-sized paper to create and customize these CAPS forms:

  • Contractors Certificate and Application for Payment
  • Contractors Certificate and Application for Payment with a detailed Change Order Summary - displaying details for up to 8 approved Change Orders in the current month
  • Invoice Style Contractors Certificate and application for Payment, without a Notary Section
  • Contractors Application for Payment Statement of Contract Account with a Notary section

Combine any of the above with these Exhibit A-Schedule of Work forms:

  • Standard Exhibit A- Schedule of Work
  • Exhibit A-Schedule of Work displaying additional columns for Contract Quantity, Contract Unit Price, Quantity from Previous Period, and Quantity for This Period
  • Exhibit A-Schedule of Work displaying additional columns for displaying Total Contract Units, Total Contract Quantity, Contract Unit Price, Units Completed - This Period, Prior Period, and Units Remaining
  • Exhibit A-Schedule of Work displaying additional columns for displaying Scheduled Quantity, Scheduled Unit Price, Approved Corrections/Change Orders, Previous Period Quantity, and This Period Quantity

Or, print these Agency or State Specific Billing forms

  • HUD 51000 Series
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Application for Payment and Attachment Sheet.

CAPS also prints to these authentic AIA® Contract Documents

When purchased from AIA® or an authorized distributor of AIA Contract Documents®. 

  • G702® Contractor Application for Payment and G703 Continuation Sheet.
  • G702® CMa Construction Managers and Advisors edition and G703 Continuation Sheet.
  • G706® Contractor's Affidavit of Payment of Debts and Claims.
  • G706A® Contractor's Affidavit of Release of Liens.
  • G707® Consent of Surety to Final Payment.
  • G707A® Consent of Surety to Reduction in or Partial Release of Retainage.
  • Includes a robust form alignment feature to assist with printing you billing information on authentic AIA® G702® and G703® Contract Documents.

NOTE:  AIA®, AIA Contract Documents®, G702®, G703®, G706®, and G707™ are copyrights and/or trademarks of The American Institute of Architects®/ACD Operations, LLC. This program does not generate any original AIA Contract Documents®. Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. is not sponsored, endorsed, or affiliated with The American Institute of Architects or ACD Operations, LLC. The Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. Construction Application for Payment Solution program prints to plain paper or onto authentic pre-printed AIA Contract Documents® that must be purchased by users from AIA® or an authorized distributor of AIA Contract Documents®.


Curious abut how CAPS interfaces with QuickBooks?

Watch this 26-minute video, How Does Construction Application for Payment Solution work?  

Priced at $499.00 for a "company license", CAPS can be installed on multiple computers, ensuring seamless accessibility for your team.  See our Order Page 

While CAPS is compatible with AIA® billing standards, it does not generate authentic AIA® Contract Documents.  Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the American Institute of Architects or ACD Operations, LLC. 

Experience the benefits of automating your contract billing processes through the use of the CAPS program today.  Request a FREE Trial and unlock a smoother, more streamlines process for your construction billing - with limited additional QuickBooks setup or extensive training. 

In order to successfully use CAPS:  

CAPS requires a very limited amount of additional QuickBooks setup:

  • Utilize the built-in Estimating and Progress Invoicing capabilities of QuickBooks or
  • You may import Estimates that are created in an Estimating Software that maintains a QuickBooks interface
  • Review setting in the Jobs & Estimate Preference
  • Add "Project information" to the "Ship To" Address Block of the QuickBooks Job Record.
  • Create a new customer type of "CAPS" to act as a filter between jobs requiring percentage of completion billing and those that don't
  • Add "Contract For" information into the Job Info tab of the Job Record in the Job Description field
  • Don't use subtotals in your Estimate
  • Create Progress Invoices from Estimates
  • Add missing info about the project when prompted by CAPS.

New to QuickBooks?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!  Complete setup instructions are offered in a variety of ways, from:

  • Video training
  • Comprehensive manuals
  • In-program help
  • To purchased one-on-one training sessions