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Windows Update Causes Download/Installation Problems

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A recent fix to Windows has caused Internet Explorer/Edge to see our installations/downloads as having an invalid or corrupt digital signature.  If you are using Internet Explorer/Edge, you are likely to encounter this issue until Microsoft resolves it.

There are two work arounds:

  Work around #1

Use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. Both of these are fine browsers that we have used for years. Both are free widely used web browsers, that you quite likely may like better than Internet Explorer.

Once you have the new browser, use it to download the installation program, close Internet Explorer/Edge, then start your new browser and make it the default browser.  Now either use the email link we have sent or restart CPS and use Help --> About to obtain the latest version.

Work around #2

We have also made the current version available to download as a ".zip" file, even though the file is actually a ".exe" file.  You will download the ".zip" file via the your Web Service Center download page (where you would download the trial software or download a program update), then you can open "Windows Explorer" or "File Explorer" and rename the file from to CpsV5setup.exe, then double click on the file to open it.

To rename the file:

On Windows Vista, 7, or 8:

  • Start "Windows Explorer" and navigate to where you downloaded the file, or press "Ctrl-J" in "Windows Explorer".
  • In Windows Explorer, press "Alt T" then click on the "View" tab.
  • Uncheck the box that says "Hide extensions for known file types." This is about 10 items down the list below the two indented options for "Hidden files & folders" folder.
  • After that box is unchecked, click "ok"
  • Next locate the file that was downloaded (CpsV5setup.exe) or it may be CpsV5setup(x).exe where x is the sequence # if you downloaded more than 1 copy of this file.
  • Right click on this file and then left click "Rename".
  • Change "zip" to "exe" and press enter, then click yes to verify that you indeed wish to change the file name extension.

On Windows 10:

  • You can press CTRL-J to see your downloaded files and then click "Open Folder" or Start File Explorer and navigate to where you download files.
  • Click on the "View" menu option near the top of the window, and check the box for "File name extensions".
  • Right click on the downloaded file (CPSV5setup.exe) and then left click "Properties"
  • Change "zip" to "exe" and press enter, then click yes to verify that you indeed wish to change the file name extension.

Now double-click on the file name to start the program installation.


You can check the authenticity of the file after it has been renamed by right clicking on the file, then left click "Properties", then click on the "Digital Signatures" tab, next highlight the entry for us in the "Signature List" and click "Details".


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