Important Announcements:


  • 10/29/19 - New Jersey Certified Payroll form & Statement of Compliance (MW-562) Update complete and available. For more information AND COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW TO OBTAIN THE UPDATE AND SETUP visit this page - New Jersey Certified Payroll Major Changes 10-2019
  • 10/29/19  - The City of New York, Office of the Comptroller, Bureau of Labor Law has released a REVISED/UPDATED certified payroll reporting form - which went into effect IMMEDIATELY.  To obtain the new form visit this page - City of New York Certified Payroll Update Available
  • 10/08/19 - Microsoft Security Changes Result in Error 539 when printing.  Read this support article & download instructions to resolve this error.
  • 10/01/19 - We have just been made aware of DRASTIC changes to the reporting requirements for New Jersey.  We are working diligently on updating our software to meet these new requirements.  Please bear with us.
  • 9/16/19 QuickBooks DESKTOP 2020 compatibility available, read more here........
  • 4/23/18 U.S. Department of Labor issues NEW WH-347 - expiring 4/30/2021.  Read more here including instructions for updating your software.
  • Compatible with the PRISM Compliance Management electronic upload currently being required for City of San Diego, CA prevailing wage projects.
  • Compatibility with the California eCPR system has been available and working since 6/10/2015.  For more information on California eCPR (Electronic Certified Payroll) for QuickBooks.  

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QuickBooks Integrated Application Error Codes & Resolutions

Windows 10 Creator update, Crew Overtime, & Contractor Qualification Statement

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The recent Windows 10 "Creator" update has caused display issues with the calendars and date selection options in Crew Overtime Entry Solution and the Contractor Qualification Statement in our CAPS programs.  If you are encountering these issues - UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE.

To update Crew Overtime:

  1. Start the program
  2. Make a backup!
  3. Click the Overtime Setup button
  4. Click the Licensing icon on the left navigation window
  5. Click the LINK that says "Click here to download a new installation/updated program"
  6. Follow any on-screen prompts and instructions.
  7. Complete this procedure on ALL computers where the Crew Overtime program is installed.


To update the Contractor Qualification Statement within the CAPS program:

  1. Start the CAPS program
  2. Make a backup!
  3. Click on the Help menu
  4. Choose About
  5. Click the big "Login" button
  6. Download and install the most current version of the program, following any on-screen prompt and instructions.
  7. Complete this procedure on ALL computers where the CAP program is installed.


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