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Washington Certified Payroll-QuickBooks

Last Updated: 21 December 2019
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Washington Certified Payroll Reporting Requirements

certified payroll solution

Washington's prevailing wage/certified payroll reporting requirements are provided by the Washington Department of Labor & Industries, and requires the filing of Form F700-065-000.  In addition to Form F700-065-000, you will be able to select and use the Federal or U. S. Department of Labor form WH-347 on a job-by-job basis.

12/20/19 Important Update: Effective January 1, 2020 Washington L&I will begin requiring their OWN XML electronic submission requirements.  We have worked closely with L&I and made CPS compatible with these new requirements- read more here - Washington (State) L&I Electronic (XML) Upload Available.

Electronic filing of certified payroll data via the eComply (formerly MyLCM/TRS Consultants) and LCPtracker systems is being required by some agencies.

Additionally, the Washington Department of Transportation (DOT) also has it's own special EEOC Report, which must be submitted on a monthly basis, see EEOC Workforce Reporting.

NOTE:  Historically, the Federal WH-347 is revised every three (3) years. 

This page provides you with both a quick 10-minute Audio/Video overview of how Certified Payroll Solution will interface with and use your existing QuickBooks data to produce the final reports and a comprehensive self-paced .pdf training demo which walks you through the complete setup.

How to use this page:

  1. Click on the 1st image in the Demonstration(s) column to watch a 10-minute Audio/Video which will provide you with a general overview of how Certified Payroll Solution works with your QuickBooks data to produce the final certified payroll reporting forms.
  2. Click on the 2nd image in the Demonstration(s) column to download a comprehensive .pdf training demo which walks you through setup and use of the program.
  3. Click on the image(s) in the Certified Payroll Report Form(s) column to view full-sized reports that have been generated with Certified Payroll Solution.
  4. Click on the image(s) in the Statement of Compliance/Sign-off Sheet(s) column to view full-sized "sign-off" sheets that have been created with Certified Payroll Solution - ready for your signature.

Washington Certified Payroll Forms & Demonstrations:


Certified Payroll Report Form(s)

Statement of Compliance/Sign-off Sheet(s)


How Does Certified Payroll Solution Work?
10-minute Audio/Video Demo created February 2010

ORIGINAL Washington Department of Labor & Industries Form F700-065-000

Washington Department of Labor & Industries

Payroll Affirmation

Washington Department of Labor & Industries

 U. S. Department of Labor (Federal) WH-347 Form

wh-347 form

Statement of Compliance for WH-347


free 30-day trial available

Free, fully functional, 30-day trials available upon request.

free training available

Comprehensive self-paced training is available free of charge, from the  Certified Payroll Solution Training, Support & Resource Center