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  • 10/29/19 - New Jersey Certified Payroll form & Statement of Compliance (MW-562) Update complete and available. For more information AND COMPLETE INSTRUCTIONS FOR HOW TO OBTAIN THE UPDATE AND SETUP visit this page - New Jersey Certified Payroll Major Changes 10-2019
  • 10/29/19  - The City of New York, Office of the Comptroller, Bureau of Labor Law has released a REVISED/UPDATED certified payroll reporting form - which went into effect IMMEDIATELY.  To obtain the new form visit this page - City of New York Certified Payroll Update Available
  • 10/08/19 - Microsoft Security Changes Result in Error 539 when printing.  Read this support article & download instructions to resolve this error.
  • 10/01/19 - We have just been made aware of DRASTIC changes to the reporting requirements for New Jersey.  We are working diligently on updating our software to meet these new requirements.  Please bear with us.
  • 9/16/19 QuickBooks DESKTOP 2020 compatibility available, read more here........
  • 4/23/18 U.S. Department of Labor issues NEW WH-347 - expiring 4/30/2021.  Read more here including instructions for updating your software.
  • Compatible with the PRISM Compliance Management electronic upload currently being required for City of San Diego, CA prevailing wage projects.
  • Compatibility with the California eCPR system has been available and working since 6/10/2015.  For more information on California eCPR (Electronic Certified Payroll) for QuickBooks.  

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Temporary WH-347 form released

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4/2/2018 The US. Department of Labor has released a 2nd TEMPORARY WH-347 form - this one with an expiration date of 4/30/18.  Update your software using the instructions found below.

2/28/18 The U.S. Department of Labor has released a TEMPORARY WH-347 form - with an expiration date of 3/31/18.

We have NO idea what is going on - but we have updated CPS to generate the temporary form until the next roll-out.

Keep reading for instructions on how to update your software.

Please note - there will be NO phone support.  We are being swamped with phone calls and email.

The following information applies:

  • If you downloaded CPS AFTER 5:00 pm EST today 4/2/2018 (previously 2/28/18) - YOU HAVE the temporary form.
  • If you request a trial beginning 4/3/2018 (previously 3/1/18) - YOU HAVE the temporary form.
  • If updated prior to today 4/2/18 - YOU DO NOT have  the temporary form which expires on 4/30/18 and will need to update.

To update your CPS software:

  • From the Help menu --> choose About --> click the big "Login to web service center button"
  • Once at the Web Service Center page --> look for the "Download current CPS Setup" button
  • Run through the installer and you should be good - nothing extra to do.
  • This MUST be done on each machine that has the program installed.

IF you receive an Authentication Error - you no longer have program maintenance and access to this update.  Please Contact us to reinstate your maintenance/obtain an upgrade.

IF you have trouble installing the new version - it could be that the version you are currently running is VERY old and you will need to uninstall the software from Control Panel --> Programs & Features before you can install.  In this instance, please have the Web Service Center page open BEFORE you uninstall.





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