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Can I return Certified Payroll Solution for a full refund?

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Can I return Certified Payroll Solution for a full refund if I don't like it or find that it doesn't work to my expectations?

Actually, we have alleviated that issue by offering a FREE 30-Day Trial Version of Certified Payroll Solution - allowing you to work with the program before spending any money at all.

The trial version of Certified Payroll Solution is the FULL VERSION of the program with only two limitations:

  1. All reports have a "Demonstration" watermark; making them unsuitable for filing.
  2. You can only run payrolls, dated 30 days before OR 30 days after the date, that we send you the trial.

Being able to work with the Certified Payroll Solution program for a 60 day period of time to generate your certified payroll reports,EEOC Reports, and Union/Bona-fide Plan Fringe Benefit Reports, provides you with ample opportunity to evaluate the software and determine if it is suitable for the needs of your company.

If you decide that Certified Payroll Solution is appropriate for your needs; purchase the software (beginning at $395.00 via electronic download, see our Order Page for pricing information), we will then issue you an "unlock code" which you will enter into the software; this removes both the date limitation and the watermark.  You can then rerun your reports and file them.