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Folder Certified Payroll Solution Program Updates

This section is used to provide information about general and state specific program updates, how to obtain the update and implement any necessary changes.



pdf 01-14-09 Updating CPS to comply with new WH-347 reporting requirements effective 1/18/09 Popular

By 6730 downloads

Beginning January 18, 2009, the Federal WH-347 certified payroll reporting mandates changed.

All current customers should update their Certified Payroll Solution software to Version 5.0.312.

Complete instructions for updating your software, and implementing any necessary change, are contained in this document.  Total time to complete the update and implement changes should be less than 20 minutes.


pdf 03-04-09 Users & Permissions in Certified Payroll Solution Popular

By 6881 downloads

Setting up Users & Permission within the Certified Payroll Solution program.

Click the Download button (below) for complete instructions on how, to Users, passwords, and permissions.

This feature was first introduced on March 4, 2009, in version 5.0.328

pdf 04-13-09 Washington Certified Payroll Update Popular

By 18168 downloads

The Washington Department of Labor & Industries – Prevailing Wage Program has initiated some changes to both the Certified Payroll Report and the Payroll Affirmation.  These changes will become effective with CPS Version 5.0.332 - which we have released today in BETA format; and is available by starting the CPS program -> going to the Help menu -> choosing Check for Updates.

This is a 2 part update, one for the updated program and the second to obtain the new forms; with a total of 3 possible steps to complete the update successfully.  The following steps will need to be performed on EACH computer where CPS is installed.

For complete instructions on how to update your software, obtain the new forms, AND how to comply with the new reporting mandates - click on the "Download" button below.

pdf 10-01-07 Certified Payroll Solution Update Procedure for QuickBooks 2008 Compatibility Popular

By 5055 downloads

Recommended instructions for upgrading to a new version of QuickBooks, and obtaining your Certified Payroll Solution Compatibility update. Compatibility updates MUST be downloaded, and installed, in order for CPS to "talk" with the new version of QuickBooks. This information was emailed to all customers in a newsletter dated October 1, 2007.

2 pages.

pdf 10-03-12 Maine Update Popular

By 7253 downloads

The State of Maine, Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Standards has developed their own Certified Payroll Report (which requires the same information as the Federal WH-347 form).

Download these instruction to make sure that you get everything setup correctly in order to generate the new Department of Labor form as well as still comply with the Federal WH-347 and the electronic filing requirements of Maine Department of Transportation.

pdf 10-04-12 Georgia DOT EEOC Popular

By 7404 downloads

Adds the Georgia Department of Transportation - Contractor's Monthly Employment Utilization Report.

Download these instructions to make sure that you get everything setup so this report will be accurate when you submit it.

pdf 10-04-12 New Jersey Popular

By 7523 downloads

Add New Jersey Department of Transportation CR-347 Certified Payroll form and updates New Jersey Economic Development Authority EDA PW Form 4 - Certified Weekly Payroll Report.

With the addition of these forms New Jersey now has a total of six different reports that you can generate - each with their own specific reporting requirements.

Download these instructions to make sure that you get everyting setup correctly in order to generate each of these reports.

pdf 10-09-12 Michigan Update Popular

By 7441 downloads

Adds Michigan Department of Transportation CP-347 Certified Payroll forms.

Download these instructions to make sure that you get everything setup correctly in order to generate either the new Department of Transportation or the original WH-347 report.

pdf 10-09-12 New York Update Popular

By 7544 downloads

Adds the New York Dormitory Contractors Certified Payroll Form.

With the addition of this form, New York now has 8 different paper certified payroll reports (that we are aware of) each with their own specific reporting requirements.

Download these instructions to ensure that you get everything setup correctly in order to generate each of these reports.

pdf 2-14-12 Instructions for Setting Up the Florida DOT forms Popular

By 7348 downloads

This document will walk you through the setup of Certified Payroll Solution in order to generate the Florida Department of Transportation {DOT} Wage and Hour Record, along with the accompanying Deduction and Fringe Benefit Records.

pdf 2-14-2012 Add Check Numbers, Race, Gender or Totals to the WH-347 form Popular

By 6822 downloads

This support article will provide you with instructions for how to add Check Numbers, Race, Gender, and Totals to the Federal WH-347 form.  It also provides you with complete details on how the totals are calculated.

pdf 4-14-11 Illinois Department of Labor Certified Payroll Update Popular

By 8085 downloads

The Illinois Department of Labor has recently updated the requirements of their certified payroll report, making it quite complex.  Hourly fringe benefit rates must now be reported and the printed report MUST indicate if the fringe is paid to the Employee or a Union/bona fide plan.  Additionally, according to a Prevailing Wage Auditor that we spoke to, the report must display the total of ALL other hours that the employee worked during the week, whether the hours were on private or other prevailing wage jobs --- even though the actual form makes it look like you would only need to report hours on non-prevailing wage projects.

This document will provide you with instructions on how to set up Certified Payroll Solution to accurately produce the DOL form in addition to the DOT, City of Chicago and the Federal WH-347.

pdf 4-18-12 Instructions for the New York Certified Payroll Updates Popular

By 7058 downloads

This support document contains information about how to set Certified Payroll Solution up to automatically create an electronic certified payroll report, which you can then upload to the New York Department of Transportation's Equitable Business Opportunity (EBO) system.

pdf 4-28-09 Alaska Form Updates & Other Changes Popular

By 7433 downloads

Effective 4/28/2009 with version 5.0.340

pdf 5-12-09 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Reports Update Popular

By 7286 downloads

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), provides the State Departments of Transportation and Federal Lands Agencies with $27.5 billion for highway infrastructure investment.

With this money, there also comes an increased level of reporting, which we have added to Certified Payroll Solution to better and more fully serve the needs of our customers who may be working on these types of construction projects.

We have added the ARRA Reports to Certified Payroll Solution to better meet the needs of our customers.

Click the "Download" button to obtain complete details for obtaining the update and setting up CPS, to run these reports.

pdf 5-13-08 Changing How Social Security Numbers Are Displayed on your final reports Popular

By 5620 downloads

We have had several customers request that social security numbers not be displayed on the final certified payroll reports, and have even heard "rumors", that certain agencies no longer wish to have social security numbers displayed. We have seen NO official documentation to this effect, but feel that this could, indeed, be required in the future.

Follow these easy steps to make your own choice as to how social security numbers are displayed on your reports, keeping in mind, that what you want and what is required, may be two totally different things.

1 page.

pdf 6-19-2012 Combining Certified Payroll Reports Popular

By 12911 downloads

Job costing needs sometimes do not match the requirement of certified payroll report generation, for example:

You are awarded a job which involves work on several different buildings, for job costing purposes you've created a QuickBooks Job record for the entire project and then you created sub-jobs for each building - so you could generate accurate job costing reports.  However, the GC wants a single certified payroll report for the entire project.

This documentation will demonstrate 4 different options in which you can generate certified payroll reports:

  1. All jobs and sub-jobs are rolled up to the "Customer" level
  2. All sub-jobs, sub-sub-jobs, etc. are rolled up to the "job" level
  3. All jobs, sub-jobs, etc. are rolled up 1 level
  4. Customers, jobs, sub-jobs, sub-sub jobs, etc. are reported at the level they are entered in QuickBooks.

Rather watch a video, so you can see this enhancement in action?  No problem, the video is  video  located here and is 18 minutes long.


pdf 8-18-08 CPS & Vista/Upgrading or Replacing Your Existing Computer with a Vista Computer Popular

By 5542 downloads

We have updated Certified Payroll Solution (CPS) to work with Vista. Our testing and debugging process has basically gone well, with a few exceptions. The known problems are listed in this document, and there are special instructions for updating or replacing your existing Windows XP PC to a Vista PC.

The information provided in this documentation is provided free of charge. Phone support for this, and all other Vista situations, is billable.

10 pages with lots of screenshots. Updated 8/18/08

Note:  We've found some free training courses on Windows Vista, to help you to better understand some of its new features and security improvements.  These courses are offered in conjunction by Dell and PC Magazine and are available by clicking here .

pdf 9-27-12 Oregon Update Popular

By 7319 downloads

Updates Oregon reporting requirements as follows:

  • Column 7 – Gross Amount Earned: now reported as gross amount earned THIS job/ALL jobs
  • Column 8 – Itemized Deductions: now reported as the TOTAL of each deduction (based on the gross paycheck) and should agree with your QuickBooks paycheck
  • Column 9 – Net Wages Paid: now reported as the employee’s net take home for the week and should agree with the net check in QuickBooks.

pdf 9-30-08 Updating CPS to work with a new version of QuickBooks Popular

By 6260 downloads

Each year, when Intuit produces a new version of QuickBooks, we have to do a compatibility update for Certified Payroll Solution in order for it to work with the new version.  These compatibility updates are usually available on the same day that the new version of QuickBooks is available to purchase, and we notify you via an email Newsletter that they are available.

Compatibility updates MUST be downloaded and installed on ALL computers that have the CPS program in order for CPS to be able to "talk" with the new version of QuickBooks.  Failure to install compatibility updates will result in an "Unsupported version of QuickBooks detected.  Program ending." error message.

Following these instructions should provide you with a successful upgrade experience, as these are the EXACT same steps that you would be asked to perform by a support rep should you call for help; thus eliminating the call.

2 pages.  PDF format.