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Construction Application for Payment Solution for QuickBooks - References & Reviews

Last Updated: 20 February 2024
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Construction Application for Payment Solution - Contractor Billing Using the Percentage of Completion Contract Method for QuickBooks - User Comments & Reviews

Saves Time and Reduces Errors to get paid faster!

Saves Time and Reduces Errors to get paid faster!

[5/20/05]  I've used QuickBooks for 10 years and I love what computers can do for you.  A year and a half ago, when I had an interview for my new job (for my current position as Controller at a commercial sub-contracting company) in which they talked about AIA billings, I had no idea what AIA billings were, so I researched them in conjunction with QuickBooks and found CAPS.  When I wrote my letter of thanks for the interview, I included what I found out about CAPS, and how it automated the AIA process.  I was called back for another interview and got the job!!!  We have now been using the Certified Pay Application (CAPS) software for nearly a year and it has SAVED countless hours of time, but the bigger issue is, that it eliminates the errors of putting in the wrong numbers completely!  And, I don't have to manually type the forms anymore to make them look professional either.  Most times, when an AIA pay application is wrong, we have to wait another month to rebill the entire thing.  That can mean I have to wait another 30 days to get my $100K that I need to pay the bills.  A huge thing about Sunburst Software is they'll make changes in their software to make things easier on us.  In our area, we have many contractors now wanting pay apps on the AIA G-702 CMa form (the one with the red print).  Sunburst adjusted the software to be able to print "directly" on to these forms!  And, it was done before my next set of pay apps were due!!!  The people at Sunburst are great and the software is great.  Do yourself a favor and get it ordered now.

Bill Byers, Controller
Hall Aluminum Products, Inc., Ft. Wayne, IN
CAPS & CPS October 2003 to October 2005

Good software-Great Support!  Good software-Great Support!

[5/25/05]  We have just completed the installation of QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition and CAPS at our firm, which does subcontract excavation and grading work for several general contractors.  The installation of the software and generation of our first bills using the AIA template took less than 30 minutes!  The documentation is very clear and specific-it made what we thought would be a very complicated process, very simple.  During our first few weeks of using the software, we found it necessary to contact the company with questions and had our calls answered by the second ring (by the principals in the company), who provided straightforward answers (not always what we wanted to hear, but honest), which got us going in no time at all.  After struggling with our QuickBooks implementation, and lack of support (even though we have a support plan), working with the folks at Sunburst has been a pleasure.  And, the software does what they advertise.

Scott Mermel
Doetsch Bros. Co., Long Grove, IL
CAPS November 2004 to October 2006.

Time Savings thru Software Integration  Time Savings thru Software Integration

[5/6/04]  Sunburst Software has simplified one of the most critical areas of my business.  The time savings, low cost, and excellent customer service, makes this the software no contractor should be without.  Sunburst's ability to customize their product to meet your special needs is just another plus to any already great product.  Take my advice and do yourself a favor, contracting is compllicated enough; simplify your business with Sunburst's Construction Application for Payment Solution!

Brownie Johnson
Johnson Electric, Inc., Union, NJ
CAPS & CPS user since June 2002

Simplified Billing  Simplified Billing

[4/27/04]  As our company grows, our computer software is growing, too.  Last year, we purchased from Sunburst Software the Application of Payment program.  It has been a great investment, and has "simpllified our billing process."  Previously, we processed Payment Applications in a separate computer program and then transferred the sales to QuickBooks.  Now with one step, we enter our payment application in QuickBooks and print out the application for payment in Sunburst Software's program.  It, also, keeps track of the retainage.  It's that simple!  This program was easy to install and learn.  During the process of learning, I have made phone calls to Sunburst Software and was instructed how to correct or solve my questions.  Their technical support has been very good.  Purchasing this program has made my job more efficient, fast, and easy.  I would highly recommend this software to other businesses. 

Christine Flanagan
Flanagan Contracting Group, Inc., Hillsboro, NJ
CAPS & CPS user since March 2003


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