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The U.S. Department of Labor has issued a TEMPORARY WH-347 form, we have updated CPS to include the temporary form.  For more information, click here.


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Folder Additional Prevailing Wage Compliance Documents

This section contains additional Prevailing Wage Compliance documents that simply cannot be completed in Certified Payroll Solution, due to the fact that either we cannot access the data or the data required simply is not available - BUT - can be used with the QuickBooks "Letters" function.


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This .zip file contains several additional California Prevailing Wage Compliance Forms & Reports in Microsoft Word format that cannot be created using Certified Payroll Solution because either the data simply isn't there or available.  Included in this .zip file you will find:

  • Certification of Understanding and Authorization
  • City of San Jose Labor Compliance Fringe Benefit Statement
  • City of San Jose Labor Compliance Workforce Statement
  • Public Works Contract Award Information
  • Request for Dispatch of an Apprentice
  • List of Subcontractor/Truckers/On-Site Suppliers

These forms may be used on their own or used with the QuickBooks "Letters" function.


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