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QuickBooks Integrated Application Error Codes & Resolutions

80040408 - Could not start QuickBooks, Windows Vista, 7 or 8 users

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80040408 - Could not start QuickBooks, Windows Vista & Windows 7 Users

Resolving Error Code 80040408

Windows Vista, 7, or 8 Users ONLY

You will receive this error if:

  • The User Account Control (UAC) is set "OFF".  This setting is found in the Control Panel-->User Accounts section and must be set to "ON" (as recommended by Microsoft).
  • Your QuickBooks file resides anywhere other than the PUBLIC folder in a network environment or the PRIVATE (Your User Account) folder in a single user environment.
  • Both QuickBooks and CAPS/CPS/WMS must be run with Standard User Permissions (NOT elevated to run as Administrator) - see this blog post for additional information.


For additional information, see QuickBooks Connection Error Messages.