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  • 7/18/2016 - We are back in the office today - BUT anticipate a high volume of calls.  Please be sure to leave a message and we will return your call as promptly as possible.  Thank you :-)
  • Compatible with the PRISM Compliance Management electronic upload currently being required for City of San Diego, CA prevailing wage projects.
  • Compatibility with the California eCPR system has been available and working since 6/10/2015.  For more information on California eCPR (Electronic Certified Payroll) for QuickBooks.  There were no required changes to our interface for the lastest DIR updates.
  • Alaska is now utilizing LCPtracker for electronic filing of certified payroll reports and we have released an update.
  • We have finalized our initial update for Virginia DOT, who is now utilizing the  AASHTOWare Project Civil Right and Labor (CRL) Management System - for more information on Compatibility with Virginia DOT AASHTO Trns•port® Payroll Spreadsheet.
  • Our software runs as expected on Window 10.  BEFORE YOU upgrade make sure ALL of your software will run on Windows 10 - Intuit is stating that ONLY QuickBooks 2015 and newer will support Windows 10.  Our Take on Windows 10, QuickBooks and our software.
  • Compatible with the QuickBooks 2016 Windows Desktop line of products (Pro, Premier and Enterprise), click here for more information.

FREE Trials - QuickBooks Certified Payroll, AIA Billing, Payroll Management

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Once you complete the requested information in the form below and that information verifies that you are a legitimate business located within the United States (see our Privacy Policy), we will provide you with a complementary limited use license to try the product of your choice for a full 30 days, beginning today.


After the initial 30 days, continued use of the program will require that you purchase the software and a valid license.  All information entered into the trial version will automatically convert to the "licensed" version via an unlock code that we will send you.


Important Information you should know about our free trial versions:

  • These are fully functional versions of the program.
  • With Certified Payroll Solution & Construction Application for Payment Solution you will be able to work with paychecks and/progress invoices dated 30 days prior to today and 30 days after today, providing you with ample time to evaluate the software of your choice.
  • Wage Manager Solution will NOT write changes back to your QuickBooks file until you purchase a license.
  • Overtime Entry Solution will allow you to work with timecards dated 30 days prior to today AND 17 days after today.
  • Free trials do not expire, provided you work within the original window of time.
  • Microsoft Word and Excel are required to print certified payroll reports and AIA type billings.
  • Reports and billings will print with a "Demonstration" watermark during the trial period.
  • Only one trial per company and or user is allowed - no exceptions.
  • Free Trials are available via electronic download with a hi-speed internet connection.  If you do not have a high-speed internet connection, please contact us at 888-348-2877, to discuss an alternative delivery method.

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QuickBooks Enterprise (any flavor Contractor, Manufacturer, Accountant...) (any year 2004 - present)
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