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Our office will be closed 6/14-6/18/17 while we travel out of state to attend our oldest granddaughters High School graduation (YIKES)!  There will be NO phone support and email will be sporadic at best.  Expect delays.



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Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. News In 2011

What's New at Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. - 2011

Will somebody PLEASE tell me where 2011 has gone?  I swear it seems like it was January 1, 2011 just a few days ago!  It's been an insane year and I'm sure that I'm missing or just not remembering a lot - but here goes....


November 2011

Nancy was hired by American General Contractors Association - San Diego Chapter to do an all day QuickBooks and certified payroll training class for November 8.  We made all the arrangements and even planned for a few days off.  Unfortunately, AGC cancelled the class on October 31 and we had ourselves a very nice few days of vacation.

September 2011

September 27th, compatibility for QuickBooks 2012 released - all versions, Pro, Premier and Enterprise 12.0

July 2011

Construction Application for Payment Solution Enhancements

  • Adds new Non-Notarized Invoice format with an Architect's signing statement
  • Adds ability to print commas and dollar signs on Continuation Sheet amounts.  This is NOT recommended since large dollar amounts will not fit in most columns and still be legible.
  • General error fixes and speed enhancements.

Certified Payroll Solution Enhancements & Form Updates

  • Revised the New Jersey Certified Payroll Report.Revised the Missouri Certified Payroll Report.
  • Update to the State of Nevada Certified Payroll Report.
  • Revised State of Illinois Certified Transcript of Payroll.
  • New Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Workforce Employment Utilization Report - Schedule C - Attachment c-1.
  • New Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Workforce Employment Utilization Report.
  • Revised the Golden State Labor Compliance Statement of Compliance form for California.
  • Revised Illinois DOT EEOC Report.
  • General bug fixes and speed enhancements.


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