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Our office will be closed 6/14-6/18/17 while we travel out of state to attend our oldest granddaughters High School graduation (YIKES)!  There will be NO phone support and email will be sporadic at best.  Expect delays.



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1996 - Why Can't I Access Info That's Already in QuickBooks?

In 1996

Nancy Hoffman, a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and independent bookkeeper living in Connecticut, begins her search for someone to write a Certified Payroll and an AIA Billing add-on for QuickBooks®.

While completing a job-costed payroll for 10 employees, or a progress invoice within QuickBooks was a fast and efficient process, completing the required Certified Payroll Reports and AIA billings take hours to complete using complex Excel spreadsheets.

WHY can't I access data I've already entered in QuickBooks? 

There has GOT to be an easier way to do this!!!!!!


  Searching for "just the right" time tracking add-on for QuickBooks?

time tracking app for quickbooks